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Welcome to Ammee's Babies

We are the home of the Edgit! Piercing & Crochet Hooks. We also make the best hemstitched baby blankets ready to edge with Crochet. Check out our very own Pattern Books for Crochetn' on the Edge, Crochet Flowers and hats. Looking for hemstitched bibs and burps? We got them too! 


Save now with our Edgit! Hooks & Book Combo pack! Take a peek at the patterns included!

Hemstitching dates back to the 1900s.  A machine is used for perforating holes along the edge of the fabric allowing a crochet hook to go through the hole easily.  To see our Crochet on the edge tutorial with pre-hemstitched blankets click here, or take a 10 minute class to learn to crochet on the edge with the Edgit!

How to Crochet on the Edge... 

1. Remove from packaging and read instructions... 2. Choose your favorite edging from one of our pattern books... Crochet on the edge and gift. Yeap, is that easy!

Not your grandmother's flannel patterns!
About our designer flannel patterns: if you are a first-time mother you will love our designer flannel patterns! If you are one of our lovely dear grandmothers, trust us, your daughter will love our flannel patterns. We know it's hard to get away from the traditional pastel colors we grew up with...however, the new generation of mothers want, chick, modern, on the edge patterns and color palettes, and that's exactly what we have! See our recent product reviews below.  

Introducing...drum roll please...The Edgit! Piercing Crochet Hooks, read more or find us on Facebook!

Edgit! Set Hooks & Book #4
quick look
Edgit! Piercing & Crochet Hooks
quick look
Book #4 On the Edge Crochet
quick look

Why is everyone so happy!

In addition to our excellent quality products, we offer a Manufacturer's Money Back Guarantee and fast 24-48 hours shipping. Also, our VIP discount coupons show our commitment to giving excellent service.  Please read our privacy policy and rest assured knowing your email will not be sold to other companies.

Recent Product Reviews 

"I love your mission; I'm an army brat and have lived in Panama, Canal Zone. My father drove us from Panama to Texas, so I've been thru Central America! I have seen the poverty that exists there and is still there after all these years, so very sad. Again thanks for what you do, you are truly a gem!" Adita S. July 17th, 2013.

"Order received today, gorgeous as usual, I think you will have a few ladies from our sewing group ordering from you, they loved my package, and the blue chevron blanket I was working on today for my brother's sons new babe, due in August. Thanks Again for the most amazing product". Jennifer B. June 26th, 2013.

To read more product reviews click here.


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