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Free Patterns for Edges

Free crochet edges for baby blankets and more. Even though these crochet edges were designed to be used with Ammee's Hemstitched baby blankets and bibs, they can actually work for any project you might be working on, knit or crochet, blankets, hats, leg warmers, mittens, pillowcases, etc. If you are a novice, you probably want to start with the Seashell pattern.  


Most of our patterns have a basic structure; a foundation row, this is the first row of single crochets using the hemstitched holes.  The second row is usually another row of single crochets; and the finishing third row.  Of course you may choose to do more than three rows, most patterns that use more than three rows would be consider for intermediate crocheters rather than novices.  

Three Crochet Edges you might like to try on your project, find complete instructions at our blog, or for the Sea Shell Edging Instructions, click here.  For the Back Step Edging Instructions, click here.  For the Princess Edging Instructions, click here.  


Crochet Edges, not just for baby blankets. . .
Our crochet edges pattern books are great for hemstitched blankets, but don't let that stop you, if you're not into hemstitching, think about this, anytime you crochet OR knit a hat, scarf, afghan, etc. you will need to finish it with a cute edge.  With our pattern books you will be able to finish your project with a bang!




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