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Learn to Crochet on the Edge

If you've never made a crocheted edge before, you will find it very rewarding.  In a day and age when your time is split between family, work, church, and friends, it's hard to find time for crafting.  Add your personal touch on a gift, without spending an entire year working on it. Crocheting on the edge is the perfect creative outlet for busy mothers and grandmothers, go ahead, you can actually finish a blanket this weekend! 

Learn Crochet on the Edge with the Edgit!

by Cony Larsen


Learn to Crochet on the Edge 

with pre-hemstitched fabric by Cony Larsen

Our teacher uses one of Ammee's Hemstitched Blankets to make the crochet edging because the holes are already pre-punched on the fabric; however, we have invented a new tool, the Edgit! Piercing & Crochet Hooks, which allows you to pierce through your very own fabric without having to have holes pre-punched.

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